New Mentos Ad - Angry Chicken Dad #FarakPadega

Aapko #FarakPadega

Chickens don't care if the new Mentos is Bigger Softer Better, lekin aapko #FarakPadega!


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Mentos New Campaign Coming Soon

New Campaign Coming Soon


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Mentos Classroom- A blockbuster Brand Commercial

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  • Q.

    Where can I find the ingredients for Mentos?

  • A.

    Take a look at the product page for ingredients for Mentos.

  • Q.

    Where can I purchase Mentos?

  • A.

    Mentos is widely avaialble across India. It can be purchased from you nearest grocery or modern store.

  • Q.

    Where is the head office of Perfetti Van Melle India

  • A.

    Global Business Park, 1st Floor, Tower A, Mehrauli - Guragaon Road, Gurgaon -122002, India.

  • Q.

    Which country has the biggest Mentos fans?

  • A.

    It's too hard to say, as Mentos are enjoyed by everyone around the world!

  • Q.

    What is the Shelf Life of a Mentos?

  • A.

    Mentos has a Shelf Life of 12 months.

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